$UNAGI Token Official Live on PancakeSwap

Fellow UNAGIANS, our $UNAGI token is now available on PancakeSwap V2. We had added all the $UNAGI token 70000000000000 and 0.1 BNB into liquidity. Please feel free to refer to our Medium post on : How to get your first $UNAGI token?

CHECK OUR CONTRACT ADDRESS HERE! https://bscscan.com/token/0x8f20eBD7Cdb3eFdb51D58D582a21e1A0b41F4436


30000000000000 of $UNAGI token will be used as our first airdrop event winners rewards. We will distribute the rewards starting today. All airdrop transactions will be concluded and posted on all our social network channel, including Telegram, Medium, Twitter and more.

$UNAGI is build and tested on Binance Smart Chain working as BEP-20 token.

100% On-Chain and Smart Contract on BSC

$UNAGI is 100% community-based project as no pre-sale and all token supply are added into PancakeSwap V2 liquidity.

100% Community-Based Project

$UNAGI implemented with Anti-Pump-Dump methodology to reduce the possible of whales controlling the bull and bear of the market.

Anti-Whales Dump & Pump

$UNAGI Dev’s team will spend 2 BNB to perform LP token locked on UniCrypt for 5 years.

$UNAGI LP tokens to be locked and secured

With $UNAGI LP tokens locked in UniCrypt for 5 years, deployer address will not be able to perform rug pull out of liquidity.

100% No Deployer Rug Pull or Exit Possible

$UNAGI with its RFI static earning model, HODLERS will get additional token as rewards as communities expand and new HODLERS joined.

RFI Static Earning Model

With future roadmap set by $UNAGI, we will roll out more features to fully utilized $UNAGI in yield farming, AI Quant trading and more. The only things you need to do is HODL $UNAGI and let it grows. Share among your friends and families.

Reminder: $UNAGI Dev’s Team will never DM you in any channel to request for your wallet private key. Please do your proper research and also understand the risk before you proceed to any kind of investment including UnagiSwap. Please beware of there might be FAKE smart contract, Scammer or Same/Similarity token name in the network. Please do read properly all the information and we will not responsible for any loss of the community.

Forever Unagi bring you the latest updates from UnagiSwap Finance.