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4 min readJul 23, 2021

As per Medium post earlier, UnagiSwap Finance had promised to release UnagiSwap Finance first Auto Compounding Yield Farming. And today, we would like to say thank you to all community for your patience because the auto compounding yield farming is now live. Although there are many features that not yet been fully implemented such as Jackpot & Lucky Draw daily, we are now fully ready for users to join our UNA Vaults with referral rewards ready.

While waiting for all $UNAGI holders to swap over to $UNA, we decided to release our Auto Compounding Yield Farming page, https://app.unagiswap.finance/. You might be curious why you can deposit yet into the vault or the APY % may not be interest you to join the vault.

How to join?

For those community members that do not have the first referral address, please feel free to input the first upline address as 0xdA321d5e8Ec7542d4e27270b4793137E067E0Fd9 as per image below and click register now to record your address into our Referral Contract.

Register your referral Address N

Let’s us share with you what is the difference in UnagiSwap Finance Auto Compounding Yield Farming.

✨ Referral Reward

As a community-backed projects, Tamago AI was the first completed project done to serve UNAGIANS with greatest benefits at low cost. With high market volatility, we noticed that many users may suffer from order get stuck and unable to exit and enter more frequent caused by continuous price decrement in major cryptocurrencies pairs. Hence, the idea of referral reward came into our Tamago AI. We implemented referral reward firstly in Tamago AI project which provide rewards to users who introduced Tamago AI with their referral code.

In UnagiSwap Finance Auto Compounding Yield Farming, bigger referral rewards are to be accumulated by vault depositors in long term investment. With registration of your referrer address into our contract as per below image, you are now ready to be part of the vault depositors provided by UnagiSwap Finance.

Register your upline address!
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