Tamago AI: 1st $UNAGI Community Project

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6 min readMay 30, 2021

Hi fellow UNAGIANS, we do believe everyone had been waiting so long for $UNAGI latest updates regarding the AI Quantitative Trading Bot (aka AI Bot). Thank you for your patience and your wait are merits and worth it. Before we proceed to introduce you in details, let’s share something about the collaborative partner, Tamago AI, behind this AI Bot technology and application services provided.

Click here to visit Tamago AI before goes live on 3rd June 2021 — https://www.tamagoai.com/

Tamago AI, an well-established partner with one and only goals, to build the most strongest, stable, and profitable trading strategy AI Bot, which applicable across major cryptocurrency pairs and exchanges in Spot Trading.

TAMAGO AI: The First $UNAGI Community Project

What is Quantitative Trading?

Quantitative trading consists of trading strategies based on quantitative analysis, which rely on mathematical computations and number crunching to identify trading opportunities. (From Investopedia)

With the utilizations of the key advantage in quantitative trading, it allows for optimal use of available data and eliminates the emotional decision-making that can occur during normal trading behavior by investors.

What is Scalping Trading?

Scalping trade was first used in Forex, with aims to gear towards profiting from minor price changes in any pair of currency, with one main strategy, hold it only for a short period of time and make quick profit. What will be the chemical effects if combining Quant trading and scalping trading algorithm?

How will Tamago AI helps in Quantitative & Scalping Trading?

Manual trading always facing issue in failure to catch up with different volatility and fluctuations of the market. In the end, traders always lose out chance of entering or exiting their position at the right time.

Traders will be rest-assured to leave their hands off the spot trading panel and let the AI Bot do the works. Without emotional decision-making and hesitation of entering and exiting the market, AI Bot will defined your average entry price and profitable exit price for each positions opened and closed.

AI Bot helps traders while they can define their own set of strategy setup freely. Price and volume are two of the more common data inputs used in quantitative trading. Hence, Tamago AI combining scalping and quantitative trading strategy to provide only the important setup required for the AI Bot. With algorithmic calculations, all entries will only be triggered based on two main factors: traders’ AI Bot setting and trading pair price conditions.

Morever, in cryptocurrency trading, traders do understand the risk of holding coins/tokens and some even aim for long term HODL to get sudden fortune overnight when market/token is bullish. With this characteristic in Spot trading, Tamago AI design its trading strategy with more flexibility, including with minimum order of 10 USDT, allowing user to reduce their average position price while also reserving the base asset value either in bullish or bearish market.

Apart from that, continuous strategic testing by Tamago AI was conducted in order to get a conclusion in defining the maximum orders can be executed to reach the optimum condition in both bullish and bearish market. In Tamago AI, we allowed traders to set up to 7 maximum orders which provides traders with more profitable situation in either market movement.

Getting involved with implementation of scalping trading in Tamago AI AI Bot was inevitably successful. Tamago AI utilized scalping trading characteristic of profiting in minor price changes. With creation of maximum 7 orders per coin/token position, Tamago AI will help traders to recalculate all opened position average entry price and exit all position when profit ratio setup by traders triggered. When each order triggered, AI Bot will always recalculate based on current opened position and readjust next order position price.

Obviously, high-availability hosting and stability of API connection are also concerns of Tamago AI. With continuous effort of system stress testing and live market trading, the result was satisfied and all possible situation had been dealt with before Tamago AI AI Bot go live. Despite uncertainty, unavailability of Exchange API and network disruption conditions, Tamago AI was able to ensure that the AI Bot uptime as 95.5%.

Available exchange that currently supported on Tamago AI is Huobi while Binance is still in development and testing phase. With Huobi, Tamago AI has added multiple trading pairs that has higher daily trading volume for the past few months, simultaneously all active members had privileges to open UNLIMITED quantity of AI Bots(per trading pairs per AI Bot) that runs on different strategy on different trading pairs.

Investment with trading profits is not the only benefits provided. Tamago AI do provide activation bonus to successful traders with invitation of new members to join Tamago AI. With 7 type of ranks preset in Tamago AI, members are encouraged to share their invitation code to get activation bonus for each purchased of new activation code. Up to 80% of activation bonus was distributed among Tamago AI active members.

Besides, Tamago AI also provide extra direct bonus to active members whom their direct referral run AI Bot and gain profit through AI Bot trading. Up to 70% of direct bonus are to be distributed once their robot run with profits in each position closed. All bonus rewards will be direct deposited as USDT (TRC-20) to members’ Tamago AI wallet.

Overall fees incurred by Tamago AI will be clearly stated below:

1. AI Trading Bot Fee: 20% of each profit position closed

2. Platform Withdraw Fee: 3 USD

To ensure AI Bot stay active and running, Tamago AI required their members to have minimum 10 USDT (TRC-20) deposited into Tamago AI user’s account wallet.

Together with all our efforts, availability of Tamago AI Trading Bot system is scheduled for system goes live on 3rd June 2021, 10 AM UTC. Email registration of Tamago AI Trading Bot account will be globally available.

Overview of TAMAGO AI

Overview of TAMAGO AI

TAMAGO AI Ranking and Profit Sharing Model

Ranking & Profit Sharing Model

Account Activation Bonus & Direct Bonus Calculation

Activation Bonus & Direct Bonus Calculation

Group Bonus

Group Bonus Calculation

UNAGI Partnership (UP) Program

UNAGI had gained early adopter privileges with partnership with Tamago AI, while allowing all $UNAGI communities members to have the opportunity in using Tamago AI system with the lowest cost among public.

Do note that those who are purchasing activation code outside Tamago AI platform or receiving free activation code from any third parties including our collaborative partner, $UNAGI, will not entitled for activation bonus.

Nonetheless, in UP Program, $UNAGI will prepare an new intensive tools on UnagiSwap.Finance official website to help boost $UNAGI token and earn benefits about Tamago AI.

And three major benefits of participating in UP Program are as follow:

  • Token Burning / Profit Sharing (Subject to change based on final decision by $UNAGI communities.)
  • Giveaways of promotion to highest ranking account on Tamago AI
  • Free Tamago AI activation code

Get ready yourself with $UNAGI token. Holding of $UNAGI token is the key to get all above benefits.

Intensive tools will be released by $UNAGI on official website. Always ensure you got the right $UNAGI contract address — BSC.

Reminder: $UNAGI Dev’s Team will never DM you in any channel to request for your wallet private key. Please do your proper research and also understand the risk before you proceed to any kind of investment including UnagiSwap. Please beware of there might be FAKE smart contract, Scammer or Same/Similarity token name in the network. Please do read properly all the information and we will not responsible for any loss of the community.



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