📖Step-by-step Guide to Swap UNAGI to UNA📖

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4 min readJul 18, 2021

We had completed our IDO sales of $UNA. And now, it is time for $UNAGI holders to grab the chance of exchanging their $UNAGI to $UNA.


So what will be required in order to exchange your $UNAGI to $UNA?

✅ Your BEP-20 Address that holding $UNAGI token

✅ Trust Wallet/ Metamask or any other dApp browser that imported with above BEP-20 address

✅ UNAGI Official Website: https://unagiswap.finance

Connect Your Wallet:

Remember to connect your wallet.
Swap UNA Now

Then, click on “Swap UNA” in our official website, https://unagiswap.finance/ .

Approve Allowance to Swap UNAGI

After “Approve” transaction completed, proceed to click on “Swap Now”. Please be informed that each wallet address are unique and only allow to swap once.

Please be informed that the ratio of swap from UNAGI to UNA is 489,724 $UNAGI: 1 $UNA.



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