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6 min readJul 17, 2021

July 17, 2021

A message from the UnagiSwap Finance Team:

UNAGI is the first token created by UNAGISWAP FINANCE team, deployed on Binance Smart Chain on, Apr-25, 2021, to properly implement the concept of community-based token project. With all waiting’s and doubts from public, we had completed our first community project, Tamago AI, an AI Spot Trading Scalping Robot to serve the community better.

IDO Sales Failure Post-Mortem

However, with all our effort, it has brought various attention to many hundreds of copycat and unknown personnel that bring up by community, including fake Telegram username of @freddyunagi,Telegram displayed name of Alex | UnagiSwap, and fake Telegram groups of, and fake contract address of 0x7A52b04168564110956104498B097C533FE82A50 & bnb1ak6a5n22uryyuwj86u88y6slz5ukh98ly9kw83, fake participation link of and also fake PancakeSwap link:

We, as exclusive of UNAGISWAP FINANCE, all media contents were publicly available to be open source to all community to verify and participate from time to time. Hence, please be aware that the UNAGISWAP FINANCE team, did not, and will not ever work with, partners or lend our code to another project. All our codes are available on GitHub and is open source.

Hundreds of tokens had been deployed and created on the Binance Smart Chain and freely to be copied and forking our original proprietary code. Please be extremely careful — we had been getting feedback from team with messages about these. We had been trying to educate and making sure all cryptocurrency investors are well-aware of a new kind of tricks where these projects can be use to steal your money with unknown contract address or personal address claiming that the sales was required to send BNB to their wallet. They collect all images originally created by UNAGISWAP FINANCE and yet sending fake accounts to continuously accumulating data from Official Telegram Group: and causing bad reputation and havocs in the industry.

Telegram Scammers Group Collected Evidence

Owner from one of the scammer Group
UnagiSwap Finance

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